Mellif‘s New Arrival:40V Cordless Snow Shovel for Dewalt 20V MAX Battery.

Mellif‘s New Arrival:40V Cordless Snow Shovel for Dewalt 20V MAX Battery.

Winter is just around the corner, and as the snowy season approaches, we understand the need for reliable and efficient tools to help you tackle the snow-covered pathways and driveways. That's why we're excited to introduce our latest product - the 40V Cordless Snow Shovel for Dewalt 20V MAX Battery.


This snow shovel is designed with your convenience in mind. It works seamlessly with Dewalt 20V MAX batteries, making it a cost-effective solution if you already have these batteries and a charger. (Batteries and charger not included)


What sets our snow shovel apart is its powerful brushless motor, capable of removing snow with a 13.2" clearing width, 8" clearing depth, and a maximum 26.5' snow throwing distance. With its efficient performance, you can quickly clear away snow, leaving a clean and safe pathway behind.


Managing the snow throwing direction is easy with our adjustable louver. With a +/- 30° rotation, you can easily control the direction in which the snow is thrown, making your snow clearing task even more efficient.


Safety is our top priority. To prevent accidental activation, our electric snow shovel comes with a safety switch. This ensures that you can use the tool with peace of mind, knowing that it won't start unintentionally, reducing the risk of injury or damage to the tool.


We've also designed the shovel with your comfort in mind. The adjustable auxiliary handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing you to work comfortably for longer periods without straining your hands or arms.


Lastly, our snow shovel is lightweight, making it easy to maneuver and transport. No more struggling with heavy and bulky tools. With our snow shovel, you can work efficiently and effortlessly.


Winter can be challenging, but with our 40V Cordless Snow Shovel for Dewalt 20V MAX Battery, you can take control of the snow and easily clear your pathways. Don't let snow slow you down this winter.

Order your snow shovel today and be prepared for the upcoming winter season.

Stay warm and stay safe!

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Would love to buy one. If they are not available, is the a waiting list for when they become available??
Thanks, Pete

Peter Arthen

Do you have this snow shovel available? If you do, I’d like to purchase one. Thanks.


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